Essential FAQs

In the video below, you’ll hear answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get from facilitators and players.

From facilitators:

  • Can I seat more than 4 players at a game table
  • What if some people arrive late? Or leave early?
  • What if some players can’t manage the tasks?
  • How do I manage the time for teams to complete the game play?
  • Should I intervene if players don’t follow the game instructions?

From players:

  • What if an Event tells me to move a staff bead when my staff are all paired with patients?
  • On my Paperwork, for Extra Staff, do I log those in the Extra Staff Called box?
  • Can we share staff? Move Emergency patients to unused space in Surgery? Place 2 patients and 2 staff in a room?

If you would like to take notes or write down any questions or ideas for later, you can use the Notepad next to ‘My Account’. Your notes will be saved to your course folder and organized by section.

Q&A from Past Workshops

During our in-person facilitator training workshops, we like to open it up to the group of trainees and invite them to ask any additional questions that were not covered by the essential FAQs.

Since you don’t have the benefit of learning in a group setting in this remote training, we asked a few of our facilitators who lead these workshops to pool together some of those questions and answers for you here.

If you are interested, follow this link to read the answers to these questions below and to learn from the collective wisdom of some of our most experienced facilitators.

  • What is the best performance you have seen for first-time players?
  • What if I have a group of slower learners? I don’t want them to feel overwhelmed or unable to be successful.
  • What is the best way to ensure that people come away feeling reasonably successful in the game play?
  • What is the largest size group you’ve ever had?
  • How do people use Friday Night at the ER in a classroom with a shorter block of time?
  • What are some challenging situations you have encountered?
  • What is the most unusual use of Friday Night at the ER that you have seen?
  • How can people use Friday Night at the ER in remote learning situations?
  • Is there a digital version of Friday Night at the ER?
  • Is it okay to make changes in the game for my group?
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