When delivered successfully, the Friday Night at the ER team-learning experience surprises people, challenges their perspectives and empowers them with insights and strategies that can dramatically improve team and organization performance in any industry.

This course is designed to prepare facilitators, at all skill levels, to get the most out of this learning experience for their groups.

Earn 9.0 continuing education credits!

Course Overview

The course is organized into five modules that include the following activities. Expect 4-6 hours to complete the content and an additional 3-4 hours to facilitate a practice session prior to certification.

  • Videos and readings

  • Exercises and practice

  • Self assessments

  • Mentor check-ins

To complete the course, you will need access to a set of game materials (Module 2) and a test group of eight or more participants for your practice session (Module 4). If necessary, you may skip parts and come back later. There is no time limit to complete the course.


  • History of the game, example uses, research and evidence
  • Game mechanics and dynamics, scoring, three core strategies
  • Debrief components, opportunities for customization
  • What’s in the game kit and resources for your longterm success
  • Table set-up, play the game, short debrief
  • Best practices for delivering the game instructions
  • Game play FAQs, stories and solutions
  • How the concepts/lessons connect from game to debrief
  • Your interests, plans and potential uses
  • Focus on your audience
  • Program building blocks, the details
  • Small group practice session
  • Participant evaluations
  • Review your work
  • Certification checklist
  • Mentor wrap-up



This training and certification course is developed by Breakthrough Learning in collaboration with the following Friday Night at the ER content experts. Trainees will be assigned a mentor for personalized consultation and support.

Phil Cady

Cognitive Leadership
Strategies West

Carol Durham

University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Cyrus Engineer

Johns Hopkins University

Bette Gardner

Breakthrough Learning

Kay Hall

Perspective Consulting

Bob Hamburger

The Bach Group

Jeff Heil

Breakthrough Learning

Russ Linden

Russ Linden
& Associates

Jill Sanko

University of Miami

Linda van der Steen

Cultivate advies

“All of the learning materials are fantastic. I have experienced various e-learning courses and facilitator trainings over the years, and Friday Night at the ER has one of the clearest and most effective I have come across.”

Rob Ashley, Red Emu Advisory

“What a fabulous program! You and your team have created an exceptional experience and I learned a lot!”

Evie Lengetti, Villanova University

“You all did a great job setting up the modules and I enjoyed using them. I found the videos and activities helpful. It made me a better facilitator.”

Jeanna Sewell, Auburn University



For most businesses, training companies and public agencies




For teachers, small non-profits
and independent consultants